• Want to Be in the Know?

    The Hampshire Athletic Club has a few ways you can keep up to date with current club happenings, events, and general fitness related trends, articles, and generally cool stuff!!

    Monthly, we have our hard-copy print newsletter. This will guide you to specific health observances for the month, “Member on the Move” which highlights a member and accomplishments achieved, etc., special classes and personal trainer services available.

    Facebook, this allows you to see current fitness trends and research that pertains to many of the demographics we have here at the club. Class schedule changes, instructors subs, and special events are listed here and updated, often!

    The HAC web-site also will provide you with all the information about our facility, staff, instructors, and trainers, schedules, rates, in addition to posts, like this one.

    Whichever method fits you best to keep up with what’s going on here at the club – follow us along!

    We want to keep you “in the know”.

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