• Qigong Infused YogaTM

    Class includes exercises from both yoga and qigong that will both relax and energize the body.  Includes pranayama, active breathwork to release stress and build energy in the body, warm-ups from both mind-body practices, sun salutations, tapping, shavasana and closing meditation.  Lynne leads online Qigong Infused Yoga teacher training programs from all over the world.  She is very happy to offer live classes here at Hampshire Athletic Club.
  • HIIT

    This class features rounds of high intensity intervals with brief rest periods, for example, eight intervals of 20 seconds at high intensity with 10 seconds of rest in between.  Strength work and balance is incorporated into many of the rounds to enhance overall strength, balance, cardiovascular capacity and functional fitness.  Most exercises are low impact or low impact alternatives are provided.
  • Rise and Shine Cycle

    Move your feet to the beat of Top 40 Throwbacks that'll make you want to sing along.  Each song has a different focus, such as speed, hills, jumps and high intensity interval drills so you'll never get bored.  Leave feeling enthused and ready to rock your weekend! Modifications given for all ability levels.  Some indoor cycling experience preferred.
  • Strong Able Bodies

    A strength class emphasizing functional movements, balance, posture, flexibility, with some cardio included.  Some of the exercises are done standing and some seated.
  • HIIT and Strength

    High intensity full body workout that utilizes interval based timing
  • Kripalu Yoga

    Each week begins with centering and breathing.  After some warm ups the class moves to yoga postures including some flow.  Class ends with a brief relaxation.  This yoga experience weaves together mindfulness, pranayama, flexibility, balance and strength.  Diana supports others to find more ease in their bodies as well as resilience both on and off the mat.
  • Functional Fitness

    This class is designed to train multiple muscle groups to work together to improve muscular endurance, overall strength, coordination, balance, posture and agility.
  • Hybrid Strength

    This class offers an opportunity to learn and experience Strongman implements. There will be 6-7 strength training stations, each one unique to strength training.  Class uses tractor tires, atlas stones, kegs and deadlifts.
  • Rhythm Ride 45 Cycle

    Be prepared to let the outside world slip away for 45 sweaty, rhythmic minutes on the bike.  This class will push your cardio limits and dig deep into strength zones. More than just an indoor cycle class, we ride along to the beat of a carefully curated playlist, allowing the music to be our driver and guide, and leaving everything else behind.  This class is adaptable and good for all levels.
  • Boot Camp

    Total body strengthening with aerobic and anaerobic conditioning in a moderate to high intensity atmosphere.  Modifications offered, all levels welcome.
  • Aqua Aerobics

    Uses water resistance techniques and a variety of equipment to improve cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility.
  • Full Body Fitness

    Build strength, muscular and cardio endurance utilizing circuit style workouts using hand weights, bands, medicine balls, your own body weight and more.
  • Pilates Fusion

    A Pilates mat based class utilizing small props such as Bender balls/peanut balls/Bosus and bolsters for a variety of core-centric exercises.  It is appropriate for all levels of fitness participants.
  • Group Fitness Classes

    Please see the home page for information on the resumption of classes.
    • Perry & Judy Messer

      Perry & Judy Messer

      Perry and Judy Messer became the owners of the Hampshire Athletic Club in the fall of 2007. They have owned and ran HAC’s sister facility, Northampton Athletic Club since 1982. Perry and Judy feel very fortunate to be a part of both the Amherst and Northampton community.

      When they are not at the Clubs Perry and Judy enjoy running together, traveling with their three children and volunteering as board members of the Northampton High School Booster Club.