For over a decade Makani has trained in hard style martial arts, studied various styles of Qigong and Tai Chi and added yoga to his repertoire of movement practices. He has taught adult and youth martial arts and self-defense. Makani teaches Qigong and Tai Chi in many venues and for four years has co-taught with one of his Qigong/Tai Chi teachers at Kripalu. He also teach beginner Salsa.

Makani’s teachings draw from ancient traditions making them relevant to modern life. Among the goals of Makani’s instructions are: healing, growth, opening, connecting, working towards embodied wholeness and relaxation, while feeling grounded & centered. He brings a focus on learning to be individuals in community as well as honoring one’s own spiritual journey, attaining joy & peace, and fostering presence through compassionate (self) discovery. Ambient music is carefully selected to enhance the practice and experience.


  • Black belt in karate

  • Certified Jian Mei Internal Arts/Qigong/Tai Chi Instructor

Other Interests

  • Rock climb

  • Surf/Boogie Board

  • Photography

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